Wide Grip Lat Pulldown





Main Muscle:


Secondary Muscle:




Pulldown Machine

Wide Grip Handle


1) Sit at the pulldown machine with a wide grip handle attached at the top pulley.

2) Make sure that you adjust the knee pad to fit against your legs and provide support.

There should be enough space for you to raise your feet on your toes to lock you down (especially for heavier weights).

3) Grip the bar at wider than shoulder-width (usually the part of the bar that goes downward) with your palms facing forward.

Both of your arms should be extended above you holding the bar. Arch your back slightly and puff your chest outwards.

4) Exhale and pull the bar down until it almost touches your upper chest. As you're pulling the bar down, squeeze your shoulder blades. Squeeze your back muscles once the bar is at your upper chest.

Lean back a little bit as you are pulling the bar down.

5) Inhale and slowly return the bar back to its starting position. Lean forward as you return the bar.


- Imagine you have a coin placed in the center of your middle back. As you pull the bar down and approach your upper chest, aim to squeeze your shoulder blades as to catch that coin. Imagining that visually will help ensure that you are fully engaging your back muscles.

If you have a gym buddy training with you, you can ask them to put their index finger there so you can focus on squeezing your shoulder blades.

- Do not swing the weight. Make sure that you control the weight by using your lats as it's going back to the starting position. You should feel a light stretch in your lats. Your torso needs to be stationary.