Tuck Jump Into a Push-up







Main Muscle:

Full Body




1) Start from a standing position with your feet at shoulder width and your hands by your side.

2) Inhale and slightly lower yourself as you would with a squat. As you are lowering yourself, swing your arms behind your body - this will help generate the force.

3) Exhale, drive your arms up and push off the floor through your heels. When you jump up, instead of keeping your legs extended, tuck them in towards your chest.

4) When you land, bend your knees to absorb the impact.

5) From there, drop down into a push-up position by kick by your feet so that your body forms a diagonal line from your feet to your neck. Keep your hands at your lower chest level, elbows close to the body and your back straight.

6) Inhale and lower yourself down to about the point where your chest is about to touch the floor. Keep your back straight throughout the movement.

7) Exhale and push yourself back to the starting push-up position. Drive both your knees towards your chest whilst in your push-up position.

8) Stand up and return to your starting position.


- Practice this movement slowly until you have the hang of it and feel comfortable and confident enough to do it fast. Your goal, is for the transitions from the tuck jumps to push-ups to happen seamlessly and quickly. It is the explosive nature of this exercise that give it its fat burning and muscle building attributes.