Single Arm Resistance Band Bent Over Rows





Main Muscle:


Secondary Muscles:




Resistance Band


1) Start in a standing position with your feet staggered - one foot in front. Step on the band with your front foot.

Leave at least 5-10 inches of the band on the inside of the front foot so that you're grabbing on the shorter end of the band with your hand.

2) Lean  your torso forward keeping your core tight and your back straight with a slight arch in your lower back. You can place your other hand on your knee to help provide support. 

3) Grab the band through the loop with your opposing hand (to your front foot) with your palm facing facing the front leg.

4) Pull the band up until your hand is next to your hip. Pull your shoulder blade back. Focus on squeezing your back and lat muscles at the top of the movement and throughout.

5) Return back to your starting position and focus on using your lat (by stretching it) to return the weight.