Seated Cable Rows




Muscle Mass


Main Muscle:

Middle Back

Secondary Muscle:




Cable Row Machine

V-bar Handle


1) Sit down on the cable row machine and place your feet on the front platform with a slight bend in your knees.

2) Lean over and grab the V-bar handle while keeping your back straight.

3) With extended arms, pull back the cable until your torso is at a 90° angle from your legs. Keep a slight arch in your back and your chest should be sticking out.

4) Exhale and pull the V-bar towards your abdominal area. Make sure you keep your torso steady.

Keep your arms close to your body as you're pulling the weight. Stop once you're almost about to touch your abs, squeeze your back muscles and pull your shoulder blades back.

Hold that contraction for a moment.

5) Inhale and slowly return the V-Bar back to your starting position.


- Add extra strain on your lats by leaning forward when you are going back to your starting position. Make sure that the V-Bar goes almost to the point where you first picked it up.

- Make sure you keep your shoulders down and not shrugged when doing the exercise.