Resistance Band Single Arm Triceps Pushdown





Main Muscle:



Resistance Band


1) Tie the resistance band through a door handle. Make sure that the band is safely and firmly attached.

2) Get down on your knees and position your legs at about shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight with a slight arch in your lower back. Push your chest out and slightly lean forward

You can also take a staggered stance with one leg in front of the other to add more stability to your stance.

3) Grab the other end of the band through the loop with your palm facing down.

3) Exhale as you push down. Make sure that you're only moving your elbow and no other joint. Do not lock your elbows once you reach the bottom of the movement - keep a slight bend.

4) Inhale and return to your starting position. Make sure that you control the weight. Raise the weight to where your elbows are barely past 90°.


- Make sure that throughout the entire movement you keep your elbows in front of your hips to keep constant pressure on the triceps.