Single Arm Resistance Band Overhead Triceps Extensions





Main Muscle:


Secondary Muscle:



Resistance Band


1) Step on one side of the resistance band with your right foot. Keep your right foot slightly behind your left one.

2) Grab the other end of the band with your right hand and pull it behind your head so that your elbow is at a 90° angle and your hand is behind your head. Keep your elbow slightly flared out from your head and your palm facing up.

3) The position of your hand is up to you - keep on your hip for balance or holding your opposing lat.

4) Exhale and press the band upwards to the point where your elbow is almost fully extended. Remember to not fully extend it.

5) Inhale and slowly lower the band back to your starting position.

Alternate between your arms and use one foot that is on the side of your working arm -i.e. right arm-right foot. and left arm-left foot.