Push-up Into a Squat







Main Muscle:

Full Body




1) Get in a push-up position with your hands shoulder width apart and at your lower chest level.

Keep your back straight and make sure that you form a straight line that runs from your feet to your neck.

Keep your elbows bent at a 45° angle towards your body.

2) Inhale and lower yourself to the ground until your chest is about to touch the ground.

3) Exhale and raise yourself back up to your starting position.

4) From there thrust your feet up towards your chest with your hands still touching the ground so they are tucked under your torso.

5) Detach your hands from the ground, exhale and raise yourself standing. Use your heels to generate force.

6) With your legs at shoulder width part, a slight arch in your back and your chest pushed out, and a straight back - lower yourself into a squat.

7) Lower yourself to the point where your upper legs are parallel to the ground at your knees form about a 90° angle. 

8) Exhale and use your heels to raise yourself back to a standing position.

9) Lower yourself into a squatting position, place your hands at shoulder width apart slightly in front of you and kick your feet back to enter a push-up position.


- Repeat this movement a few times until you feel comfortable with it. Your goal is for everything to be simultaneous without any breaks and pauses when transitioning from one stance to another.