Mountain Climbers






Main Muscle:

Full Body




1) Stand in a push-up position with your hands at shoulder width at your level chest area. Keep your feet close to each other and on your toes. Place your hands at your lower chest level.

Focus on keeping a straight line that runs from your feet to your upper back and make sure you keep your back straight throughout the movement.

2) Exhale and raise your right knee towards your chest without placing its foot on the ground. Tuck in your leg as much as you can.

3) As you are returning your right leg back to its original position you are going to engage your left one and thrust it towards your chest.

Your movement needs to be fluid with simultaneous changes of your leg.

Change your knees as fast as you can and remember to keep your hips down and your back straight.


- Start out slow, before you get the hang of the exercise. Alternate between your legs so you get momentum correct and until you feel comfortable to speed it up.