Dumbbell Preacher Curl





Main Muscle:


Secondary Muscle:





1) Grab a dumbbell and find an adjustable bench. Set the bench into an incline position (i.e. at a 45° angle.

2) Grab the dumbbell in your right hand. Place your arm on the back rest pad of the bench so that your upper arm is fully rested on the pad. Keep your arm extended as you hold the dumbbell. Your palms should be facing up.

3) Exhale and raise the dumbbell with your right arm by contracting the biceps and pulling the weight towards your shoulder. Make sure that you focus on using only the biceps during this movement - your elbow joint needs to be the only joint moving.

4) Inhale and slowly lower the weight back to your starting position. Do not fully extend your arm and keep a small bend to add extra strain to the muscle.


- If you don't have an adjustable bench or a preacher bench then here is what you do.

1) Sit down on any surface whilst holding a dumbbell with your right arm.  Keep your feet at shoulder width apart and well planted on the floor.

2) Place the upper arm of your right arm (around your triceps area) on your right knee. Your knee will serve as a pad to allow for your arm to be extended in front of your body, thus mimicking the preacher bench.

Make sure that you keep your back straight and chest out during this execution.

The rest of the exercise is as per usual.