Dips Chest Variation




Muscle mass


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Parallel Bars


1) Find the parallel dip bars. If the width of the bars is adjustable make sure that they are at shoulder width or wider.

Grab the bars and lift yourself in the air. Keep your feet separated and bent at your knees. Contract your glutes and abs to stabilize your body.

This is your starting position.

2) The goal of this exercise is to remove the stress from the triceps and shoulder and focus more on the chest.

When you are lowering yourself lean forward with your chest and look down throughout the movement. Keep your elbows slightly flared.

Looking down, instead forward, will help ensure that you lean forward.

Slowly lower yourself as far as your shoulder flexibility allows you.

3) Once fully descended push yourself back up to your starting position. When at the top do not fully extend your elbows and keep a slight bend.

If you lock your elbows you remove the tension from the muscle and place it on the elbow joint.


- Make sure that you have done a good warm up before you do these. The warm ups will be included in your workout guide.

If you are incapable of doing dips here is what you do:
- You get in the starting position.
- Slowly lower yourself to the point where your elbows are at about 90° (as slow and controlled as possible.
- Step down from the bars, without pushing yourself back, and start again from the beginning. If there are supportive steps (most of parallel bars do have those) you can use them to get back to your starting position.

These negative sets will allow you to build up the strength in your triceps, chest and shoulder that will allow you to do dips freely.