Decline Push-up





Main Muscle:


Secondary Muscle:




Yoga Mat (Optional)


1) Get in a push-up position. Keep your back straight and legs straight. Aim to not lift your butt in the air or slouch it down. You want to make a straight line from your head to your feet.

Place your feet on an elevated surface so that you form a straight line at the top of the motion and a diagonal line at the bottom of the motion. Have your feet on toes whilst on that surface.

Position your hands at about the level of your lower chest. With either open palms or in a fist.

Do not fully extend your elbow and keep a slight bend - otherwise you are taking away the tension from your triceps and putting it on your elbow joint.

2) Slowly lower yourself towards the floor. Keep your elbows slightly flared away and keep your back straight.

Stop just before your chest touches the floor.

3) Push yourself up back to your starting position. Squeeze the chest once you return to your starting position to add extra strain.


- If you find this exercise hard - drop down on your knees instead of keeping your legs extended. This will take away some of the weight and will make the exercise easier to do.