Main Muscle:

Full Body




1) Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart.

2) Lower yourself in a deep squat and place your hands on the outside of your feet.

3) When you place your hands on the ground, jump back with your toes landing behind you into a push-up position.

4) Once in that position, you're going to lower yourself down to the ground making a single push up - keep your back straight and your hands at your lower chest level.

5) Thrust your knees towards your chest in a jumping motion and go back to your starting position.

6) From here, you're going to extend your legs and jump in the air. Fully extend your arms above your head as you jump up.


- As your progress and get more comfortable with the exercise you're going to start doing everything fast. Instead of stopping and pausing between stances - you're going to simultaneously link them together so it's one fluid movement.

This will also make the exercise more explosive and you will burn even more calories.

- If you are not strong enough to do a push-up, then don't do one. Focus on the rest of the movement.